EB Comeback Plan

(Updated 5.27.20)

The leadership of East Brainerd have been prayerfully considering how we will be able to gather on our campus again. With guidance and recommendations from city and state officials, local health care experts, and other churches, we have developed a "Comeback" plan for our church body. Each family member and guest who attends East Brainerd is unique and we ask that you make the best judgement for yourself and your family when it comes to your "Comeback" and how you will engage with us as we reopen in stages. 

We will continue to monitor the situation, and should things change at a local or state level, we will adjust accordingly.

Stage Two

We are excited that this Sunday, May 31 and throughout the month of June , our EB church family will enact Stage Two of our Comeback Plan! Stage Two offers a limited return to the church’s campus in groups of less than 100 for the viewing of our online worship video and socially-distanced interaction.

The viewing of our worship video will take place at three separate times on three separate areas of our campus. The viewing groups have been combined using our existing Bible Class structure and based on the desire to keep like-age and lifestyle groups together, with the hopes of limiting any unintentional cross-spread of Covid-19. If you, or members of your family, are uncomfortable being in crowds, have pre-existing health conditions that make you vulnerable to COVID-19, or have a sore throat or fever, please DO NOT ATTEND ANY OF OUR VIEWINGS. You can watch our EB Online worship video from the comfort and safety of your home on facebook.com/eastbrainerdchurch or YouTube.com/eastbrainerdchurch.

The Viewing Times Are Below:

8:30am Community Worship Viewing
Who: PrimeTime, SonSeekers, Ladies Class, Non-Bible Class Attenders w/o children
Where: Family Life Center (FLC)

10:00am Community Worship Viewing
Who: EB Youth, EB Kids, YAC, Young Families Class, Village, Non-Bible Class Attenders w/ children
Where: Auditorium

11:30am Community Worship Viewing
Who: Partners In Christ Class
Where: OverFlow Room

While no one is required to attend a specific viewing, we are asking that families with children only attend the 10:00am Auditorium viewing. In addition, seating capacity for each viewing has been arranged specifically for the class groupings. If at all possible, please attend the viewing that corresponds with your Bible Class.


When You ArriveWe want you to know what to expect when you pull onto our campus.

      • Please use the parking areas nearest the worship space you will be using
      • Enter the doors that lead to your worship space (All others doors will be locked)
      • Say, “Hello” to the masked Greeters
      • Pick up a pre-packaged communion container from the table
      • Pick up a facial covering (optional)
      • Enter the worship space and listen to the Staff Host for any instructions
      • Sit with your family
      • Please do not rearrange the chairs

When You WorshipWe want you to know what to expect when viewing EB online.

      • Do not allow the unique seating arrangement to interrupt your focus
      • Wear a facial covering, if you wish
      • Enjoy the video
      • Sing, or just listen to the songs
      • Carefully open your communion container

When You LeaveWe want you to know what to expect when the viewing concludes.

      • Throw away your empty communion container as you leave
      • Exit to the parking lot and enjoy conversations with friends
      • Remember to keep 6 feet between you and your friends

More Important InformationAll being done with your good health in mind.

      • Each viewing space will only be used by the assigned groups.  No group will precede or follow you. Your viewing space will be cleaned prior to your arrival.
      • While thoughtful, you are not required to wear a facial covering.  If you choose to do so, feel free to bring one from home or pick one up when you enter your viewing space.
      • If you wish, you may bring your own communion elements.
      • Only one (1) person should visit the restroom at a time.  (Exception made for parents with young children and anyone with disabilities)

And Finally We have probably left something out

    • Remember,  If you, or members of your family, are uncomfortable being in crowds, have pre-existing health conditions that make you vulnerable to COVID-19, or have a sore throat or fever, please DO NOT ATTEND ANY OF OUR VIEWINGS.
    • Though we are using our Bible Class structure, the Community Worship Viewings are not Sunday School meetings.
    • We will not have any “live” teaching, prayer or praise leading, etc. taking place during this stage.
    • The purpose of Stage Two is to give our EB church family the opportunity to interact and share communion with other believers.
    • We are trying to provide opportunities for social interaction while at the same time attempting to minimize the amount of social contact.

Stage Three & Four (Details will be available as we get closer to those stages)

Below is a chart to help you understand the basics of our overall plan. We will provide more detail as we get closer to each stage. Be aware that the dates for each stage are subject to change due to recommendations from either city or state officials. 

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