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The Purpose of the Congregational Care ministry is to help ensure that each person who calls EB their church home receives periodic contact and help with basic needs they cannot provide for themselves.

This ministry will be led by a Congregational Care Group. If you feel led to participate in one of the following areas below, please let us know by clicking the "I want to help" button below and filling out a simple online form.

Areas to help with

  • Food: prepare and/or deliver meals for surgeries, sickness, new mothers, bereavements, and other life changes.
  • Cards and Calls: Contacting members to show love and encouragement through calls, cards, and notes.
  • Transportation: Provide transportation for those who cannot drive to doctor appointment, church services, and other church activities.
  • Visitation: Visit people in hospitals, care facilities, and their homes.
  • Emergency Response: Provide support after catastrophes such as fire, tornado, and flood.
  • Home Repairs: Assisting those in need with maintenance and safety issues in their homes. Occasionally providing help in areas ranging from changing light bulbs and replacing smoke detectors to repairing damaged steps and handrails. Also, when advisable, making referrals to licensed repair professionals.
  • Benevolence: Evaluate and provide congregational financial or material support as necessary.

Click the button below to help and someone from the Congregational Care team will be in touch.

Do you need assistance?

Are you a part of the East Brainerd family? Do you need some assistance? Please click the "I Need Help" button below to let us know who you are and what you need help with. Someone from the Congregational Care team will reach out to you.