Young Adult Community

A community of young adults following Jesus.

What We're About

  1. Community. Community is what grows us through accountability, love and good deeds, and discipleship. Being a part of a Jesus follower community is vital to following Him.
  2. Humanity. All of humanity was created in the image of God and, therefore, deserves to be loved no matter what. Whoever is among us, will be loved as Jesus loves.
  3. Scripture. The Bible is the Word of God that speaks Truth and gives Light to the darkness. It shows us the character of God along with telling us His story and His plan of restoring His creation. We will rely on the Scriptures for Truth.
  4. Discipleship. Discipleship grows people closer to Jesus. Discipleship includes mentoring, bible study, small group participation/leading, spiritual gifts training and usage, Holy Spirit reliance, worship, prayer, service, and much more. We will be discipled while also making disciples.

Weekly Gatherings

This Summer we are gathering on Tuesday nights to engage in spiritual practices together. Prayer walks, journaling, scripture reading, worship, fasting, etc. We will usually meet at 7:00 and meeting place will be different for different practices.
Each Thursday, our guys and gals gather for a time of fellowship and discipleship. These gatherings are less about bible study or having a lesson, but more so about encouraging each other while providing a place where people can share life with one another. The guys usually meet at Stephen's house and the girls usually meet in the YAC room. Those groups also start around 7:00.

Beach Retreat

Meet us on the beach this Labor Day Weekend (August 30-September 2) for our beach retreat! We will have worship, small groups, prayer, and other spiritual rhythms! Sign up by clicking on the image!

Stay Connected


Meet Our YAC Minister

Stephen has been at EB since 2017 and is originally from Memphis, TN. He is passionate about scripture and loves encountering God in the outdoors. He uses these passions to grow deeper relationships among our young adults so they have a community of Jesus followers to lean on and lift up. Contact him at

Jesus declared, “I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never go hungry, and whoever believes in me will never be thirsty.”-John 6:35